The rise of Activity Breaks

Active Holidays

adventure holidays

There has been a marked change in the way people holiday these days. Short Breaks are not just about packing up and leaving for mountains or hitting the beach to relax. They are more about going to mountains for trekking and bungee jumping and hitting the beach for diving and paragliding. Welcome to the world of multi activity holidays !

Why would you want to choose an activity holiday?

Most people crave for that sense of achievement which is not available in the framework of daily activities. If you are a parent then you know how children rant and cry over not having enough activities and play things to indulge in. Choosing from the wide range of active holidays is the best thing you can do to rejuvenate yourself and the lives of your little ones.

And culture is changing towards a more active lifestyle. Healthier and more productive. This is carried over into our Holiday choices. Not surprisingly Active Holidays rose 33 % last year in a year when general tourism fell.

Let’s take a look at all the things you can do on a short activity break.

Something for the Children

Activity HolidayChildren are going to love this! Some of the many activities for your little ones include abseiling, canoeing, horse riding, movie making, art and crafts, playing music etc. These are not only going to keep them busy but develop their skills and confidence as well. Let your children off the leash and this is one experience that they aren’t going to forget in a lifetime.

Water Sports, Anyone!

Most multi activity packages aren’t solely based on land activities as they usually also include some element for watersports. So get up stream to experience the fun of rafting and kayaking or hit the beach for some Para sailing. Surf the tides and race the scooter boats for maximum fun. Want more! Get into your diving outfits and go scuba diving to experience the wonders of life under water. The list is never-ending!

Activity holidays are a great way to have fun and to feel worthy about yourself. It’s also a great way to spend quality time with the family and get healthy too.

Go online and book one for yourself now.

Remember to check your travel insurance to ensure that the activities you wish to take part in are covered under your travel policy. Some Insurers specifically exclude holidays where the main purpose is to take part in adventure activities. So you must be careful and check the policy wording carefully.

scuba diving

Other companies split the activities into different groups. Some of the groups and the less dangerous sports, for example, surfing, or swimming, snorkelling etc, will be automatically covered at no extra charge – whereas some of the more riskier sports, wreck diving or para-gliding can be covered but you will have to pay an additional premium and may be subject to a higher excess.

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