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Turkey from Space

Turkey is located on the Eastern Mediterranean between two continents Europe and Asia. The European part of Turkey is called Thrace, while the Asian part is called Anatolia or ( Asia Minor ).

The area of Turkey is approximately  814 578 Km2 (314 500 square miles)
% 3 on the European continent
% 97 on the Asian continent

The major cities are

Istanbul 9.2 million
Ankara 3.7 million
Izmir 3.1 million
Konya 1.9 million
Adana 1.7 million
Bursa 1.2 million
Religion % 99 of the population is Muslim . Turkey is a secular state that quarantees complete freedom of worship to non-Muslims.

Turkey is democratic, secular and social state governed by the rule of law; committed to the nationalism of Ataturk and based on the principle of the separation of powers;  Legislative Power: The Turkish Grand National Assembly
Executive Power:President and the Council of Ministers. Judicial Power:Independent courts and supreme judiciary organs.

Coastline 8333 Km. (5000 miles)
Turkey is surrounded by sea on three sides, by the Black Sea in the North, the Mediterranean in the south and the Aegean Sea in the West. In the north-west there is also an important internal sea, the Sea of Marmara, between the straits of the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus

Turkey has 80 administrative provinces and seven geographical regions. The first four of the seven regions are given the names of the seas which are adjacent to them.
Black Sea Region
Marmara Region
Aegean Region
Mediterranean Region
The other three regions are named in accordance with their location in the whole of Anatolia.
Central Anatolia Region
Eastern Anatolia Region
Southeastern Anatolia Region


Famous Landmarks Ayasofya Museum, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Dolmabahce Palace, ancient City of Troy, Ephesus, Aphrodisias, Pergamon, Pamukkale, Goreme- Cappadocia, Mt.Nemrut, Safranbolu

As of 1998, Turkey held the first place in the world in terms of hard-shell nuts, fig and apricot production, the fourth place in fresh vegetables, grape and tobacco production and the seventh place in wheat and cotton production. Turkish delight and helva are famous throughout the world.

Turkey is among the leading countries in textiles and ready to wear clothing production. The exports of this sector constitutes 36 percent of total industrial exports. The leather processing industry is also very developed in Turkey both in terms of technological level and high production capacity and comes after textiles in terms of export figures.
Time Local time is equal to GMT + 2 hours. Same time zone all over the country ( seven hours ahead of U.S. -eastern standard time- )

With its natural beauties and magnificient historical treasures, Turkey has an immense tourism potential with a plethora of things to do that no tourist could ever exhaust in one trip. Largely due to its unique geographical location, and magnificent long coastline, bordering three different seas, it has been a cradle for many ancient civilizations.

Turkey Adventures

Rich in culture and traditions, with the friendliest people and richest cuisines, it’s hardly a surprise that Turkey’s got just about everything a tourist could expect and desire. In comparison to other European countries, Turkey is a land of almost virgin territories and unspoiled landscapes with some of the friendliest locals you’re likely to meet. All types of holiday abound here to suit all tastes. You can create your own holiday by combining some of the diverse things to do and come up with a holiday experience not to be found anywhere else.

If you’re looking for sun, sea and sand, then stay by the pebbled beaches and clean cold waters of the Aegean, or, by the warm golden sandy beaches of the Mediterranean. As an alternative, you can visit the traditional villages among the rolling hills of the Black Sea region.


For historical and cultural memories, visit the world famous Troy where ancient battles were fought; pray in the world’s first man-made church (St.Patrick’s Church – Antakea); walk as the ancient Greek and Romans did among the amazingly well-preserved old city ruins of Ephesus; or, you could visit the palace from which one of the richest Empires in the world was ruled (Topkapi Palace).

Outdoor activities and adventure holidays can take you rafting, horse-riding or trekking in the Black Sea forests; or climbing up to Mount Ararat where Noah’s Ark was supposed to have landed.

Or you could go exploring the rock tombs and underground cities of ancient civilizations in Cappadocia. You’ll be coming as a tourist but leaving as a friend. Turkey, initially a surprise, could very easily become an addiction!

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